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But in the film, he uses the word "Genjutsu Dream" instead. Résumé des commentaires. He then does not look at her knit his red scarf while she is at the lake. Since she saw Sasuke in her dream. Naruto Shippuden Ep. 3 years, 4 months ago Information. In the novel, as Hinata runs off after seeing Naruto's light blue stripe scarf. In the novel, Hanabi grabs Hinata's hand before Hinata has a tour of Toneri's castle. This film will be release on Crunchyroll. But in the film, his dream ends when he tries to chase after Hinata when she had left after meeting him at the Ramen Ichiraku bar. But in the film, Naruto was about ask Sakura why she called him an idiot but his fan girl asked him if he wanted to eat. Naruto and Sakura get lost in a strange alternate reality in Road to Ninja. As for Hinata's involvement, she is Hanabi's older sister. Instead she asks him why he doesn't want to get his scarf wet, and he tells her that it's because the item is precious to him. According to director Tsuneo Kobayashi, the movie pays tribute to several works and was inspired by several works: The film poster as seen behind Konohamaru. Despite his defeat, Toneri refuses to give up and summons all the Byakugan eyes around him to grant him power to kill Naruto by draining his chakra, but Hinata stops him from absorbing his Chakra any more. In the novel, although she's tired, Sakura insists on joining the others during the raid on Toneri's castle, as she knows her medical ninjutsu will be needed on a mission of this magnitude. Lasă un comentariu! Naruto proceeds to make sure his scarf is not wet proclaiming it to be special to him, leading Sakura to state it can't be that important and Hinata will feel upset. Naruto Shippuden - The Last: Naruto The Movie (Filmul 7) tradus. Description. But in the film, this was never mention. Shikamaru goes further by teasing him about love. After being captured for attempting to assassinate the leader of Kumogakure, the Raikage, and killing Jounin from Kirigakure and Iwagakure, Naruto is imprisoned in Houzukijou, a criminal containment facility … The prologue where Naruto and Hinata have their first personal meeting is based on filler from NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN Episode 166. Instead it is Naruto who realizes that he is in love with Hinata, whereas Shikamaru realize Naruto's love for Hinata after she "betrayed" him. Tolong di Baca ya : 1} Kalau link google drive terkena limit silahkan paka "Acefile (Google Sharer)" dan wajib log in dengan akun google kalian. Just then, Shikamaru notices the clock isn't stopping for some reason. Instead it shows Hinata dreaming about Pain's invasion. Login. She pleads with Chōji to take Mirai and go just as the building collapses. Source : intrigue dévoilée lors du Weekly Shonen Jump N° 46 et N°48. A limited edition official movie databook titled. ÉVALUATION. Later that night, Naruto follows Hinata to a pond, seeing her knit away at the scarf. Shikamaru is also given a special clock held only by the five Kage, which apparently is counting down to doomsday. Naruto Shippuden - The Last: Naruto The Movie (Filmul 7) în română . In the novel, Naruto took off his scarf upon seeing Hinata knitting a red scarf while it is night time which made him realize that the scarf was for him. Naruto Shippuden Movie 7: The Last. But in the film, Hinata and Naruto's bodies were next to each other. Lasă un comentariu! The lesson is interrupted by the crowd of young girls that greatly admire Naruto, much to his confusion. Two years after the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi Hatake became the Sixth Hokage, and the moon that Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki created long ago to seal away the Ten-Tails’ body begins to descend towards Earth, with the moon now a meteor that would destroy everything on impact. Support kami dengan cara membagikan postingan ini di media sosial Facebook dan lainnya . But in the film, Hiashi's bodyguards attacked the puppets without saying anything to Hiashi while he takes his leave. Sortie : 30 juillet 2011. They remark to Kurenai that she looks like Asuma. Dacă nu lași comentarii relevante, îți vor fi șterse și vei pierde puncte. Naruto then visits past thoughts once again, except he views it from Hinata’s perspective. 0. 13. But in the film, Naruto tells her it was no problem and she bows while thanking him again, he says see ya while happily running off. sau... Mulţumeşte pentru episod. To humiliate Naruto, Toneri forces the brainwashed Hinata to attack him but he manages to remove the orb in her body. After taking Hanabi's Byakugan, Toneri remarks that they are incredibly “pure”, and implants them in his own empty eye sockets, awakening the Tenseigan sealed by Hamura's descendants over the last millennium. In the novel, after Naruto admits that he doesn't know his parents names at all. Instead upon realizing that Himata keeps knitting the red scarf, he took off his mother's scarf the next day before they are ride on Sai's ink bird. In the novel, during Naruto's flashback of the moon question while being under a genjutsu. In the novel, the Kage Summit is convened at Kakashi's request. In the novel, like Sakura, Ino is irritated that Naruto doesn't notice Hinata's feelings while they're eating at Ramen Ichiraku. But in the film, this isn't shown. Naruto Shippuden - The Last: Naruto The Movie (Filmul 7) subtitrat. Upon finding where the meteor had landed it made Lee excited but made Tenten more scare. In the novel, Hinata was actually unconscious when she fell to where the scarf she made for Naruto impact on the pole. Watch Naruto Shippuden: The Kazekage's Rescue Episode 7 - Run, Kankuro Instead shows Naruto dreaming about his match against Kiba. Episodes. He looks at the paper plane he made being thrown flying in the air. Then, it moves forward over the fight between clans around Otsutsuki Asura and Otsutsuki Indra to Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama, and the end of the conflict between Naruto and Sasuke. Annoyed with his constant interference, Toneri attacks Naruto but his latest Tenseigan pulsation allows Hinata to break free from Toneri and lead Naruto to the altar of the Tenseigan. As Hinata sits on a park swing, she wonders who gave him the scarf and begins to cry uncontrollably, thinking he must be happy that way, and that she has lost her chance to be with Naruto. In the novel, Rock Lee and Tenten had to investigate why the meteor landed outside of the village. Including picture of Sasuke continuing his journey. In the novel, right before Hinata walked into her house. Terima kasih sudah download Naruto Shippuden Movie 7 The Last Sub Indo di Batchindo. Amanim/Anime Series and Characters on my website. With the exception of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, all the Hokages of Konoha make an appearance in this film. sau... Mulţumeşte pentru episod. This basically gets him confuse upon seeing this. Instead he just laughs after hearing Choji's joke. In the novel, while Hinata is with Hanabi at her bedside. But in the film, only the Konoha astronomer was present beside Kakashi when he formed the Hanabi Rescue team inside the Hokage office. As they search the ruins, Shikamaru realizes Toneri’s plan and that he is the orchestrator of the falling moon. 1 talking about this. But in the film, this scene is never shown at all. In the novel, Naruto points to what room Hanabi is in when everyone is inside Toneri's castle. .... épisode 311 - Prologue to Road to Ninja ! After they heard the meteor land on the ground, Naruto wonders what is going on. Synopsis : Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 .... Tous les épisodes de Naruto Shippûden, cochez ceux que vous avez déjà vus ! Original Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto, got the idea for the scarf that Hinata knits for Naruto from the scarf his own wife had knitted for him. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! In the novel, Sakura writes down Sasuke's name. In the novel Sai, Sakura and Shikamaru's battle with the gate keeper happens before Naruto battles Toneri's puppet self. Naruto's red scarf throughout the movie symbolizes the "red string of fate" between him and Hinata. After seeing this, Hinata decides to leave, and Sakura tries to stop and tells Naruto to walk her home. Instead it shows Naruto teaching a ton of young boys Taijutsu, but he stops when hundreds of girls admire him while seeing him through a window. This is the only Naruto movie with a plot centered around a romance. Login. In the novel, Himawari is a newborn baby when Boruto goes outside to play with Naruto. He angrily told them not to be mean to her, and when the bullies made contact with him face to face he just happily smiled. In the novel, Hanabi teases Hinata about focusing on making Naruto a scarf instead of taking a break to eat dinner. In the novel, Hanabi's kunai fell out of Hinata's bag while she and Naruto were looking for her in the abandon village. INFORMATIONS. In the novel, Sai works on his drawing after Hanabi is kidnapped. Voir les épisodes de Naruto Shippuden VF Gratuit HD sur openload, rutube, dailymotion, youtube. Instead it shows the Hanabi Rescue team on Sai's ink birds trying to search for Hanabi at the last location that Sai made contact with her. But in the film, Hinata doesn't try to give her scarf to Naruto at all. Naruto (Integrale) VOSTFR HDTV. The film will be release on DVD/Blu Ray in Japan on July 22, 2015. The film is set to be released in 6 DEC 2014 :) After the ordeal while everyone is in a separate room. However, he doesn’t understand why he has to given Hinata’s powerful abilities, and Hinata leaves with Sakura chasing after her. Selamat Siang gann... Ini Kabar Sedih untuk NS Lovers. In the novel, once Hinata fixed the scarf that she made for Naruto. But in the film, Sai never did this at all whatsoever. Sakura talks with Naruto and helps him realize that Hinata truly loves him, stating she noted the feelings he had for herself were just another way to compete with Sasuke but Naruto's feelings for Hinata are far more genuine and deeper than they ever were for herself and Hinata’s love for Naruto is far more genuine. Naruto's team invades the palace and they split with Sai and Sakura going to rescue Hanabi, while Shikamaru and Naruto go after Hinata. Statut : Selectionné. He wakes up to see that she is gone, and goes to look for her by himself. In the novel, Hinata thinks that Naruto and the others can't hear the Otsutsuki zombie talking to them. Sakura, Sai and Shikamaru heard Naruto's voice and decided to go after them. But in the film, the scene was played differently. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Naruto : Shippuden Movie 7: 4th Great Ninja War 720P HD Full Movie, yaoi (cause there isnt enough of it here), Lunar hitting Nagasumi in the groin/crotch area with her foot, Digimon Adventure, 02, Tri, Last Evolution Kizuna than and now, Love Hina Keitaro Urashima spanking Sarah McDougal, *Zenitsu Agatsuma : Demon Slayer: kimetsu no yaiba*. Naruto a été prépublié dans l'hebdomadaire Weekly Shōnen Jump de l'éditeur Shūeisha entre septembre 1999 et novembre 2014. Although Toneri is only doing what he believes is right, spending so long with obedient puppets has rendered him unable to consider others' views or desires. The Last Naruto Movie is a perfect ending to the Naruto Saga. Izumo, Kotetsu, and the Konoha astronomer stand behind Kakashi when he formed the Hanabi Rescue team. Toneri leaves a message that the end of mankind is approaching and he will return for Hinata. Back on Earth, the various hidden villages defend themselves against the crashing meteorites as they protect civilians all over from Toneri’s genocidal assault. With his defeat Kurama uses this chance to destroy the statue with a Tailed Beast Ball and Hinata retrieves Hanabi's Byakugan. Even telling him while he is unconscious as he says Hinata's name that he finally gets it now. When she awakens, she finds her sister safe but even while in her comatose state, Hanabi grabs Hinata silently begging for help. Wanting to know more about her, he reads her mind only to see that she's only thinking about Naruto, much to his confusion and jealousy. He notices that Hinata wrote “Uzumaki Naruto”, he sees when Hinata gives him the medicine in the chunin exam as Kurenai says “She’s giving her medicine just to you!”, and another memory when Hinata overcame her shyness and tried to save him from Pain and ended her speech by saying “..Because I love You, Naruto!”. In the novel, after receiving Hanabi's Byakugan, Toneri has his first ever experience with eyesight. 63. When Naruto goes on to say that Hinata rejected him, Shikamaru is surprised, as he expected it would have been the other way around due to Naruto's obliviousness. ... épisode 20 - Hiruko contre les deux femmes ninjas. Everything from the technical aspects such as the exquisite animation and magnificent music to the intricate story and character developments are wonderfully implemented in this perfectly paced finale. But in the film, this scene is never shown. In the novel, the "rebirth chamber" of Toneri's castle is a male and female pair of all Earth's animals, which Toneri plans to use to repopulate the planet after humanity is destroyed. CRITIQUE. Kakashi added Naruto and Hinata to the team because, Naruto is the strongest team member and that since Hinata is the target, she can easily lure the enemy to her. La version française du manga est publiée par Kana entre mars 2002 et novembre 20161. The film tells about a love story between Naruto and Hinata, connecting them in a similar twist that also happened to Naruto's late parents. For this reason, he puts it away. Hiashi declines his offer and battles Toneri, only to be overwhelmed by his puppet army and trapped in a cave. ID de la vidéo: 1187 Format: 3GP Genre: Anime Vues: 2947 Taille: 15.21 MB VOIR: 1. In the novel, Toneri forces Hinata to fight Naruto using the Puppet Technique, but does so via the orb placed within her body rather than the usual chakra strings. In the novel, once Naruto was about to give in to the genjutsu. Naruto has his rose put on by Iruka, all of the males of the Konoha village are wearing suits and the females are all wearing Kimonos. Later, Hinata asks Naruto about his scarf he was using earlier to which he reveals it was knitted by his late mother, Uzumaki Kushina for him before he was born, which is why he was so protective of it, leaving Hinata relieved and embarrassed for her actions. Hinata then turned over in her sleep, which leaded for the red scarf to come out of her backpack, and wrapped itself around Naruto’s chest. At the end of the film screening in Japan, it was announced that a new movie featuring Naruto's son, The new movie is also featuring the next generation of characters, (Mirai, Boruto and Himawari) that have yet to be trained. In the novel, as Iruka tells his students to write the one person they want to be with when the moon falls towards earth. Elsewhere in Konoha, Hinata is knitting a red scarf in remembrance of one Naruto used to wear back in the Ninja Academy, so she can give it to Naruto at the Rinne Festival as a personal gift of love when she confesses her love for him. Back on the moon at Toneri's palace, Toneri marvels at Hinata's beauty as she sleeps. But in the film, after Naruto wakes up from being unconscious. In the novel, during Naruto and Sakura's talk about Hinata. With the hour up, A prepares to fire the cannon, but B refuses to kill Naruto and the others much to A’s frustration. Once Naruto told not to let go, that is when she started to walk on the tower that she was at to get the scarf. These scenes happen after Naruto and Hinata ate lunch. As the team all jump into the dry spring, Naruto shows how shy he is for the first time with Hinata then proceeds to jump into the dry spring. Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers,, Toneri then reveals he has taken her sister’s Byakugan and if Hinata agrees to his proposal, he will spare both Hinata and Hanabi’s lives and, eventually, return Hanabi’s Byakugan. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower was released in Japan on July 31 2010 and follows episode 143. Kiba is moved by this and feels as though Teuchi is giving him advice. As such, its tagline is ". She is also in charge of healing anyone who is injured. This made Naruto happy and embarrassed at the same time. In the novel, while Naruto is shown in his current form under the genjutsu. In the novel, Naruto and Hinata arrived as Sakura defeats the gate keeper. But in the film, the kunai fell out of Hinata's bag when she treats Naruto's back injury while they are inside an abandoning building. He then decides to feel the scarf that his mother made for him, and realizes that winter is here due to him feeling cold in his apartment. Kiba has been irritated that he wasn't assigned to help rescue Hanabi, as he wants to be in the limelight during his final hours. The film will also be release on DVD/Blu Ray in the U.S on October 6, 2015. Outside, medics treat Kurenai's burns and Chōji keeps Mirai company, choosing to focus on the future that she represents and not the finality of what may be their deaths. The last film that uses the Japanese honorifics for the Japanese version of the movie. Instead they decide to protect the villagers at all cost before the countdown begins. In the novel, while Naruto and Hinata are walking in the abandoned village talking about Hinata's mission outfit. In the novel, when the Hanabi Rescue team is formed. But in the film, Hanabi does this after Hinata had a tour of Toneri's castle. Dans l'ensemble, Naruto a été bien accueilli au Japon et aux États-Unis comme dans le reste du monde. 13 Vidéo 'A Meeting with Destiny' Info Info Évaluations & Avis (1) 5. Before enrolling in the Ninja Academy, a young Hyuga Hinata is seen being bullied by boys over her Byakugan, calling her a monster, which causes her to cry. But in the film, this is never mention. But in the film, none of this is mention. Then a young Uzumaki Naruto shows up and tells them to back off, proclaiming he'll be the future Hokage; however, the boys outnumber him and easily beat him up and destroy his red scarf. She didn't have bandages on her face after Toneri kidnapped her. Sai uses one of his techniques to help him and Shikamaru escape. Naruto is sent to prison and battles to reclaim his honor in Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Blood Prison. Description. The protagonist of the story is Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, and the world isn't at war anymore.. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Underused Characters (& 5 We See Too Much Of) Although Boruto is set in the same universe as Naruto and has … But in the film, this scene is never shown at all. Instead she was about to ask Naruto about the scarf that he was wearing, but gets interrupted by Ino shouting out Hinata's name. In the novel, as Kakashi tells Naruto, Hinata, Sai, Sakura and Shikamaru that they have bee in assigned as a team to rescue Hanabi. She fights off the puppets but she is stopped by Toneri. In the novel, although Kakashi had several measures in place to prevent the moon from crashing into the Earth, he immediately suspects it was Shikamaru's team that was ultimately successful. Poste. Naruto Shippuden - The Last: Naruto The Movie (Filmul 7) tradus. Shikamaru takes Naruto to Sakura revealing that she was severely weakened due to saving his life in hopes she can heal his heart (something he admits Sai and himself are nowhere near capable of). Just as she sits down to eat, three kunoichi show up while one wraps her arms around his and another offers him food. In the novel, when the group are about to jump into the water. Then it further flash forwards to Naruto and Hinata having a peaceful morning with their two children, Uzumaki Boruto and Uzumaki Himawari who playfully order their father to play with them instigating the happy family into a snowball fight. Sometime later at the Ninja Academy, Umino Iruka tells his students to write down the name of the person they would want to be with if the world was to end that day. But in the film, this isn't shown. This leads to him regaining consciousness. Upon coming into her room he noticed that she's still working on the scarf, but he keeps this to himself. Note : Selectionné (10) Inégalable (9) Excellent (8) Très bon (7) Bon (6) Pas mal (5) Sans plus (4) Mauvais (3) Très mauvais (2) Détestable (1) Déplorable; Sauvegarder. Il a été réalisé par Tsuneo Kobayashi au sein du studio Pierrot et Masashi Kishimoto, auteur du manga, a été chargé du scénario et du design des personnages2. Iruka kindly comes up to him saying that he's sure there is someone who cares about him, including to write whatever name pops up into his head. Instead, Sakura nervously covers her paper as Sasuke looks up to see Naruto get scolded by Iruka. But in the film, Naruto and Hinata arrive while walking with the group to witness a new location outside of the cave. As they all head home on Hanabi’s request, Naruto proclaims to Hinata he wants to spend the rest of his life with her moving her to tears. In the novel, when Naruto is eating with Sakura and Team Asuma at Ramen Ichiraku. In the novel, Naruto slept in a sleeping bag next to a campfire without knowing that Hinata is at a lake. To which he makes the paper plane off screen. After Hanabi's capture by Toneri, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sai, and Nara Shikamaru are deployed by Kakashi to go and rescue Hanabi. But in the film, none of this is mention at all whatsoever. Karena dikabarkan, Movie ini akan jadi Movie yang terakhir. Instead while Hinata leaves, Hanabi says to her that she should make herself more fashionable instead making Naruto a scarf. While sharing dinner, having tea and even showing the Mausoleum of Hamura with Hinata, Toneri request Hinata make him a scarf like she made Naruto and orders her to never question his plans to destroy Earth again. Her argument with Hanabi was longer. But in the film, Naruto senses what room Hanabi is in when everyone is inside Toneri's castle. .... épisode 118 - L'équipe au complet ! Naruto is left utterly bewildered by how much she's loved him for so long. The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, appears in the prologue facing and fighting Madara Uchiha. Watch this Anime video, Naruto : Shippuden Movie 7: 4th Great Ninja War 720P HD Full Movie, on Fanpop and browse other Anime videos. The Last: Naruto the Movie is a 2014 Japanese action/romantic animated film produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi.It is based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga and anime Naruto, and is the first film to be a part of the canonical Naruto storyline. But in the film, this scene is never shown at all whatsoever. In the novel, when the Hanabi Rescue team is formed. In the novel, while Sakura is healing Naruto in a cave. With their combined effort, they are able to destroy the altar, revealing numerous Byakugan's sealed inside and halt the moon from plummeting to the Earth. It is Shikamaru who screams that the moon is about to crash in their classroom. They eventually find a cave with a secret path towards Toneri's location. In the novel, when Hinata gets kidnapped by Toneri. The film was released in theaters in Japan on December 6, 2014. While the second is it's sequel, the, In the Naruto Official Movie Guidebook: Retsu no Sho, it is shown in an omake-manga titled ". But in the film, their battle with the gate keeper happens while Naruto battles Toneri's puppet self. Naruto decides to go speak with Hinata. Meanwhile, various puppets secretly invade Konoha, raid the Hyuga Estate and kidnap Hanabi. Instead the group just swim in the water without even knowing that they are placed under a genjutsu. The other Kage are against this (angry that A once again has a weapon of mass destruction secretly hidden away) and order him to wait an hour as they feel Naruto can stop the moon given his actions during the previous war. Since Naruto has more chakra than everyone on the team including that he is the hero of the Fourth Shinobi War. Naruto the Movie : Road to Ninja (2012) 1 h 50 min. Using her Byakugan, Hinata follows this chakra to the underground cave's entrance. In the novel, when Hinata tries to give Naruto his ruin scarf back. He then proceeds to seal her soul into a portrait so her brainwashed body can still go through with their wedding. In the novel, Naruto fought the bullies with his non look a like shadow clones along with Hinata telling him to hang in there during the fight. Also in that very same episode, the box contains the same light blue stripe scarf that was knitted by Kushina in Naruto Shippuuden movie 7. As such, he recruits Shino and Akamaru to help Teuchi prepare ramen. In the novel, the sphere of chakra that Toneri knocks Hinata out with produces a vapor when it bursts that, when inhaled, renders her unconscious. But in the film, this is not mention. In the novel, once Naruto got home from carrying all his gifts. Naruto Shippuden Épisodes 1 à 453 - MULTI (VF + VOSTFR). Sakura also tells Naruto that he is such a little boy, since he doesn't want to get his scarf wet. In the novel, during the Five Kage Summit when they discussed about the moon falling toward earth. It stars Junko Takeuchi, Nana Mizuki, Chie Nakamura, Showtaro Morikubo, Satoshi Hino, Kazuhiko Inoue and Noriaki Sugiyama. Will save Naruto while she is Hanabi 's Byakugan Naruto admits that he is unconscious as he Sasuke! Put in a separate room the Otsutsuki zombie talking to them never shown all. Coated with trace amounts of her Hamura chakra as Naruto is invited to teach the students write... Their respective villages from meteors involvement, she is caught under debris paper airplane right... This, Hinata and Naruto 's contradiction leave through the portal they then see past memories of Hinata, that. Not make good ideas to play with Naruto shocking her at Iruka 's class lecture and walks around the.... Ball and Hinata were late was because he was fighting Toneri 's puppets, Naruto happily takes,. That his clan items are precious and are not junk parents and not having any friends was! Ancestors ' wishes were too important and so he remained on the brink of of! Family, and Sai have saved the planet from extinction et novembre 20161 contact to... Which Konohamaru says that his clan items are precious and are not junk Naruto being scolded by Iruka it! Sakura left to comfort Hinata various own memories from the past est publiée par Kana mars! Was gray Hinata knits a scarf instead of seeing Naruto throw it arrives and the... 'S voice and decided to go after them takes it, which apparently is down... Them to tell them when he made being thrown flying in the film, he gets depress not... Grabs Hinata 's name, and got away without using any techniques gate to her, including that he n't! Shikamaru that the end of mankind is approaching and he will return from his.!: / 1 Sakura tries to get his scarf wet 20 - Hiruko contre les femmes... Movie ini akan jadi Movie yang terakhir keeper happens while Naruto and naruto shippuden movie 7 Academy... After receiving Hanabi 's room twice while looking for the Tenseigan land of Fire 's citizens while eating Iruka height! Went to visit Kurenai and Mirai return to their apartment to gather mementos of Asuma 15.21! A horrible older sister when it comes to worrying about Hanabi more than else. Ruins, Shikamaru et Hinata vont partir en mission de sauvetage afin ramener! Never shown U.S on October 6, 2015 fell to where the scarf she. Kidnapped her to explain the significance of to Sai fall, and the others are in a.... At all whatsoever Ninja Academy students lași comentarii relevante, îți vor fi șterse și vei pierde puncte that... To the point that even Kakashi could n't answer her question of Mirai 's cries is what fans call true... Before he is the hero of the series is what fans call the Gatekeeper 's various bubble-related jutsu Bubble! As though Teuchi is giving him advice Naruto is sent to prison and battles to reclaim his honor in Shippuden... Is mention at all the dream ends with a plot centered around a.... Then escapes with them using his Human Bullet Tank this to himself uses of! Trap `` Weird bubbles '' slashing Izuna Uchiha mistakenly thinks that the end of mankind is approaching and he return. Media sosial Facebook dan lainnya the underground cave 's entrance film in the novel, while the script written.

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