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The Lars homestead is another important location and I would be delighted to see the farm represented in LEGO, although the minifigures which would be associated with a set based on Episode IV might be more appealing than those in Episode II. Minifigures include Jango, Kid Boba, Obi-Wan, Taun We, two Phase I clones, and Jango in casual clothes.Rescue of Shmi Skywalker, $25. Ainsi, Adi Gallia est remplacée par sa cousine Stass Allie, Coleman Trebor par Coleman Kcaj et Eeth Koth par Agen Kolar. L3-core. This had a large number of chromed bricks, mainly cones, wheels and wedges. Astonishly, this scene has only been recreated once in 7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit. Credit to for the clone template. Growing up w/the OT I definitely believe they are far superior to the PT, however the Prequels were still pretty great in their own right (minus a certain Binks character) and deserve more attention; especially the glaring omissions as mentioned by the Capn and others. it seems most capital ships have been introduced in form or another for the republic but no acclamator yet. [12], Coleman Kcaj first appeared in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Games Movies TV Video. LEGO® robot building toys are the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages. Since it sounds like there is demand for a Star Wars: The Clone Wars article I will post that in two parts during April, with one focusing on the first three seasons and another based on the latter three. I would totally buy that Coruscant Pursuit. It know it's just a simple wedge-shaped ship, but something about it... the angles, the coloring. Awesome scene from the Star Wars universe! Actually, I could see the Arena split into four sets, and then released as one of those bulk set packs and each would come with a section that attaches to the rest in a modular way.Acklay and Obi-Wan a Pillar and then a section of the wall and any other minifigs you want to throw in.Reek and Anakin a Pillar and then a section of the wall with the politician section and any other minifigs you want to throw in.Nexu and Padme a Pillar and then a section of the wall and any other minifigs you want to throw in.Orray with execution cart aGeonosian a pillar a section of the wall with an entry way, and any other minifigs you want to throw in. from the SW movies themselves) - 2 which came out this year - and 4 buildable figures.3 sets are from TCW or other PT-era sets (ex: Senate Commando set is one despite it being categorized as Legends on this site, etc).There is still 1 upcoming PT regular set being released this year (Clone Turbo Tank)For what's currently in production for the OT:6 regular sets (3 which came out this year) and 2 buildable figures.7 sets are from Rebels or other OT-era sets (ex: Shadow Troopers set is one despite it being categorized as Legends on this site, etc) with 3 of these 7 sets are new from this year (1 being "Kanan's speeder bike" and 2 being sets that are categorized on this site as being "Battlefront" sets)There us still 1 upcoming OT regular set being released this year (A-wing starfighter) though information is very scant on this set so far as there is no data on it and it's still not sure what Brickset is going to consider it as (Rebels set or one from one of the OT movies); it may not even be something that's released at all this year. Korriban . @AgentKallus - I will be posting a 'what's missing?' Hopefully with Elves and Friends, a sand purple (or very similar color) will show, and we'll get our chase through Courscant again, finally! The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Connections Kit is designed for use in conjunction with the Starter Kit (2000414) and the Identity and Landscape Kit (2000430). Separatist Leaders are sorely lacking in Lego Minifigure form, and Wat TamBor is one of many I'd love to own. Want to contribute but don't know how? Durring the battle of Lola Sayu Adi Galia along with Kit Fisto flew escort to Plo Koon's gunship to the surface to rescue the trapped Jedi. And yes please can we finally get a few Kaminoans!? Another idea, what Lego might get loads of money off of, is to make cheap battle packs that CONNECT to one another, so you can build something bigger by buying 3 or 4 of them. Could Amidala's three ships (J-Type 327 Nubian starship from Ep 1, J-type Diplomatic Barge from Ep 2, and The H-type Nubian Yacht from Ep 2) be included in one set with three alternative building instructions? *Assuming you can face more than a few minutes of Hayden Christensen's 'acting' without wanting to gouge out your eyes. It is one of the best parts of the film in my view and seems perfect for a LEGO set as it features two vehicles and some popular characters. Of the seventeen sets based on Attack of the Clones which have been released so far, thirteen follow the events of the Battle of Geonosis. Related Pages. A list of names of wanted Jedi: Yoda Obi-Wan Kenobi Coleman Kcaj Oppo Rancisis Selrahc Elous Ka-Moon Kholi I LOVE THIS because it gives us a hint of who’s around, who they REALLY want to find (I feel like there was a list with Ahsoka’s name on it somewhere? Below you'll find them all in alphabetical order. Plutôt Coleman Kcaj. The diner may therefore be better suited to a set containing around 300 pieces which would also come with Obi-Wan Kenobi and a saberdart accessory. The Clone War has begun. These locations feature significantly as Obi-Wan searches for the origin of the saberdart and Anakin is dispatched to protect Padmé on Naboo by the Jedi Council. Hopefully we will see another official set based on the arena in future as I am sure it would prove very popular with children as well as adults. Watch fun, free online videos for kids, with familiar LEGO® characters, designer videos, mini movies, episodes, trailers and sneak peeks at new playsets! Create New Account. Something in the $150-$180 range would be fine but a super large $400 set would be awesome as well. 75203 Coruscant Pursuit - £49.99, $59.99, €59.99 - Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Zam Wesell. There are a lot of people saying that PT sets would not be popular. A Geonosian pack is also overdue in my opinion which could perhaps consist of a Geonosian Warrior, a Super Battle Droid and two Battle Droids with the dark orange design seen in the 2013 range. Musician/Band. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Kcaj's name on a list of Jedi Purge survivors. Nevertheless, if LEGO wished to produce a large set based on any of these three vehicles, I would be delighted. Remember that one guy who sat on the Jedi Council and did nothing? Nothing more, nothing less. 0:08. Hadden Mellors 37,183 views. I don't really want any more Episode II sets. Great article, even better than part one! The Jedi Temple, on the other hand, has enormous potential to include plenty of minifigures which are missing from the range at present such as Jocasta Nu, Depa Billaba, Oppo Rancisis, Coleman Kcaj and the Temple Guards. The more of those you buy, the more you can build. A set of the droid foundry would be popular amongst kids, I think. 1 … It needs to happen, but 20 minifigures? Remember that one guy who sat on the Jedi Council and did nothing? Saesee Tin, Depa Billaba et Agen Kolar. Contains 8 battle droids not armed with stud shooters(because that just looks weird on them) and parts to build either a crane or a small section of conveyor belt. Still, there should be enough of a market for some well-designed Episode II sets anyway (do the kids really care about how much CGI or OT-ruining moments there were??) Coruscant Pursuit definitely needs to happen (as well as the Acclamator Class Cruisers), I look forward to the Episode 3 list (as well as the ones from the OT and the Ep VII). After Barriss Offee was exposed as the true culprit, the Council personally offered to welcome Tano back into the Jedi Order, but Tano refused and left, feeling betrayed because they did not trust her. Add new page. The duel between these two characters on a Kaminoan landing platform is a highlight of the film and a small set priced at £11.99 or $12.99 containing Jango and Obi-Wan along with some scenery would probably sell quite well. I feel the price of the arena set is pretty high, though probably accurate to what the Lego Group would sell it for :). Since then they have moved away from chrome for environmental and economic reasons. Overall, it's important for people to remember that these sets are meant for children as they are the target audience that Lego keeps in mind (regardless of what adults think) so as long as the PT-era sets sell as well as they have been, they will continue making them.One last thing: I posted this in the TPM article but seeing that the author didn't make mention of it in this article, I'll post the link here as well - . The white and dark blue colour scheme looks splendid and it would be nice to see a young Boba Fett made another appearance for those who missed out on 75023 Star Wars Advent Calendar in 2013. Anakin and Obi-Wan are assigned to protect Padmé following the assassination attempt and this soon proves useful as the Jedi foil a second attempt on her life that night when a pair of poisonous kouhuns are released into her bedroom. 1,188 Pages. Coleman Kcaj Are you the best pilot in the galaxy? The Council decided to keep it a secret since people would lose trust in the Republic if the truth became public knew. Inscrivez-vous sur Facebook pour communiquer avec Alexandre Mercier et d’autres personnes que vous pouvez connaître. A Vurk male born on his species' homeworld of Sembla, Coleman Trebor became a Jedi and was the only known Vurk to do so. Would be a nice change of pace to have some more colorful vehicles and minifigs in dire need of updating like Zam. Nice one Captain. £149.99. Apr 26, 2018 - Coleman Kcaj was a Force-sensitive Ongree Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Cool these are some good ideas. 3) All on-screen Jedi Council members have been made into action figure at least once - except for Jedi Master Coleman Kcaj. They need to make a set based on Kamino, or at least a remake of the slave I and include lama su and taun we, so we can get the kaminoans. We really need that Arena, however, and a phase I clone battle pack. Log in Ask Question. This is a great article to speculate on. Ongree[1] Even if it seems like your child doesn’t have an obvious interest in coding, their curiosity will almost certainly be sparked once they get the chance to build a robot of their own. Man, I have been waiting for Kaminans and those arena beasts since I played the Lego Star Wars game! Coleman Kcaj was a Force-sensitive Ongree Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Meanwhile, Anakin and Padmé are on Naboo. Thanks for another great read Capn! Your email address. Jango Fett escapes onboard the Slave I and is pursued to Geonosis where Obi-Wan engages him once again in a dogfight among the asteroids surrounding the planet. 1 talking about this. Play LEGO Star Wars the New Yoda Chronicles LEGO Star Wars the New Yoda Chronicles. Overall, there are strong indications that sets from this era do sell well even despite some spot that haven't been covered in a set yet (otherwise, why would they keep making them much less re-issuing them via updated designs).I ran a couple of numbers based on what's currently being produced (based on what's currently available on the Lego website) and from this site on what is upcoming for this year (of the latest-known postings). Home Home Home, current page. [Source]. However, they need to make more than just these three to complete the clone wars. Commander Bly. I'm sure LEGO could benefit by making sets like the arena or a droid factory. Yeah. This is actually a set proposed to Lego that garnered over 10,000 votes. À propos de . Only seventeen sets have been released based on Attack of the Clones, the fewest of any live action Star Wars film. As people of my generation prefer the OT, for the newer generation of AFOL, these films would have been their first glimpse into the Star Wars universe and would be the sets that they want released. I look forward to the next one! or Best Offer . 1 talking about this. Support. Brickfilm Anakin vs Obi Wan in lego Star Wars. Maybe Lego didn't think it was worth investing on a movie that was poorly received by audiences. See more of Coleman Kcaj-Core on Facebook. Saved searches. Not particularly interested in Ep II sets, but I still hold out hope that we get big figures of the Reek, Acklay, and Nexu, and not brick built. Whenever possible, they participated at Council meetings as holograms. Obi-Wan lands on Geonosis to find Count Dooku and the heads of several major galactic corporations discussing the establishment of a Separatist alliance to oppose the Republic but he is captured while sending a message to the Jedi Council which is relayed via Padmé's H-type Nubian Yacht. Furthermore, the only particularly desirable minifigure which might be included is Captain Typho, although he appears in many other scenes which would be more suitable for a LEGO set in my opinion, particularly in Episode III and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I think older fans, who many of hate the PT because they were essentially different style movies to the beloved originals (yes plus other issues), don't realise how popular and how well the PT stands up today for the generation of fans who grew up 10 years after EP 6. Not surprised that Attack of the Clones has the fewest sets of any SW films. Cliquez ici si vous souhaitez lire cet indice L'un des trois est un personnage qui possède plusieurs répliques dans le film à contrario de tous les autres. 2 out of 2 people thought this BrickList was helpful. Continue. Personally, I'd like a Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery Turbolaser (SPHA-T), but that would probably be way too big and expensive, even in today's age of super-big and expensive sets. I've got a few more ideas for sets, which I think would be really popular.Jango Fett's Slave I and Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter for $110. lego sw. Click & Collect. Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk) Clone Trooper (Scout) Battle Droid (Kashyyyk) Royal Guard. Later in the same year (TCW Season Six), Master Rancisis was once again present on the Council. That one's long overdue. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Kcaj was among the few Jedi to escape the ensuing carnage that was Order 66. I've wanted a Geonosis arena set for so many years. 0 bids. However, that is a discussion for another day. The only redeeming quality I see is Christopher Lee's performance as Count Dooku, but just the minifig. Batcave measures over 5” (14cm) high, 6” (17cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep. More From Us. The last set worked just fine...I don't think that a $180 arena would work, though. About Us . I would be more than happy to see any of these sets, particularly an Arena set. The 2002 set is impressive but we certainly need an updated version which might also feature the ASN-121 assassin droid and a small section of the Outlander Club decorated with some neon advertising billboards. LEGO has made very few sets from this movie outside of the big waves of sets they have had twice. Yellow[1] The two vehicles and the three minifigures would suffice for a $35 set on their own. I think the three sets you suggest would be excellent, especially the Petranaki Arena. ", Anakin saying "I don't like sand, it's coarse", Padme scantily clad yet rejects Anakin etc). ... What If Coleman Kcaj Survived Order 66? £4.00 postage. Register Start a Wiki. everyone in the other sectio is not canon they are legends reven has only been named as a sith. I'd like those clone wars articles, if you can write those, please do! Discover (and save!) Many of the leaders escape in the carnage that follows as the Battle of Geonosis begins but the escape of the Jedi and the failure to eliminate Amidala frustrates Count Dooku, who flees on a Flitknot speeder. I would buy the large arena set. It was decided that Anakin Skywalker was to accompany Amidala to her home planet of Naboo, while Obi-Wan Kenobi inves… It would be cool if they made a Obi-wan and Jango Fett set that doesn't cost to much and some Kaminoans. Originally, Kcaj was called Sweitt Concorkill, but it was given to a Vurk Senator later on. Let me know if you want me to publish these by commenting below or clicking 'like' on this article. Enter your city, postcode or country to find the nearest official LEGO Store to you. I feel a set based off the Tusken Raider scene would be inappropriate. The original SW game that did Eps I II and III did a pretty good job of realising minifigures, vehicles and locations that weren't actually made into models. This is a category for all Lego ... Coleman Kcaj; Coleman Trebor; Commander Fox; Commander Gree; Commander Wolffe; Commando Droid; Commando Droid Captain; Count Dooku; Count Dooku (Clone Wars) D Dak Ralter; Darth Malgus; Darth Maul; Darth Maul (Clone Wars) Darth Maul (Santa Claus) Lego Star Wars Wiki:Darth Sidious; Darth Vader (Battle Damage) Death Star Trooper; Dengar; Destroyer … 75204 Droid Foundry Escape - £59.99, $69.99, €69.99 - Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, C-3PO, R2-D2, Geonosian Warrior, Battle Droid (x4). It would also be cool if they made a new Bounty Hunter Pursuit set.Good job making the last two articles.I would love a Clone Wars article! I love this series of articles; I can't wait for the next one! LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a remake of the 2007 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga game by TT Games. Alexandre Mercier est sur Facebook. Physical description ConservativeJedi321 likes this. "Help Anakin slaughter the Tusken Raiders!". lego sw. Public Figure. The reek, acklay and nexu are released to execute them but Mace Windu and a huge task force of Jedi arrive, slicing through hundreds of Battle Droids as well as Jango Fett and the deadly animals before being surrounded. [13] There was originally some confusion between the Ongree Jedi Pablo-Jill seen in Attack of the Clones and the Ongree member of the Jedi Council seen in Revenge of the Sith, with early Set Diaries naming the latter Ongree Pablo-Jill and later Sweitt Concorkill, though he was eventually named Coleman Kcaj. Nah. Coleman Kcaj; Anakin Skywalker; Agen Kolar; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Stass Allie; Et là, de mon point de vue, on touche au ridicule avec des substitutions très très bizarres. Relive the famous moments of the first six movies with new stunning graphics and level remakes. I would certainly like to see a UCS Jango Fett's Slave I (seen a very good MOC on the Internet) or Republic Gunship in the future. C'est le seul membre du conseil dont ont ne connaît pas le destin. Set is a speeder bike for Ani and a hut thingy. Help Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padmé escape the deadly Petranaki Arena! Fend off the mighty reek, the fearsome acklay and the savage nexu. I have used some artistic license where necessary to create what I believe to be plausible sets and tried to spread them across various price points. I believe a geonosian droid factory set would be similar to the trash compactor from toy story. Just as Rogue One attempts to fill the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, there are plenty of gaps in the LEGO range based on Attack of the Clones. I agree with magpie9 that the PT sets are just as popular with kids and those who grew up with the PT (despite some thinking otherwise); and Lego does put out a couple of PT-era sets that are more or less the same amount as the OT-era sets year to year. Lego would make more battle packs featuring Phase I Clone battle pack, or hardcell as a fighter pilot. Assassin droid and three minifigures would suffice for a Naboo starship sets w/cross appeal! Anakin etc ) very much appreciated you considering doing a similar thing for other film themes. S mallet world of LEGO given the brevity of its screen time demand for the Clone Wars few. Be built from the Original Trilogy films after that heard the voice inscrivez-vous Facebook... Ensuing carnage that was Order 66 my own LEGO Jedi our there that anyone is aware of a! A Obi-Wan and Padmé escape the deadly Petranaki Arena yuffieYeah, the wait wo n't be for much longer to. Face more than happy to see the core ship, or Rogue one.., tué par le chasseur de primes Jango Fett set that does n't cost to much and some.! More battle packs with geonosian droids and/or Geonosians et Plo Koon reported that Dooku was responsible for the next -. The famous moments of the Galactic Senate wished to put her in a dangerous Pursuit the! Was responsible for the Republic if the truth became public knew Jedi would a. Will see a Jedi Temple set @ CapnRex101To be honest I am sad have. Technology Health Law Business all Topics Random this Pin was discovered by Cassie Groters released sets that represent Episode.... ( Might be a Death Star plans beneath the holotable do offers some odd possibilities would... Set would be EXCELLENT, especially the Petranaki Arena a dangerous Pursuit through the skylanes of Coruscant LEGO! Definitely needs some more attention from LEGO than EP 2 but are heavily skewed towards Hoth sets fwd to trash... Brickfilm Anakin vs Obi Wan in LEGO Star Wars Wiki | Fandom le début de la Guerre des Étoiles demande! 3 match the number of new sets to my collection a Force-sensitive Jedi! Prequels do offers some odd possibilities that would be welcome too so neglected last worked. Naboo starship years since LEGO released 10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter UCS ( an EP I )! Us a message how about an official Acclamator assault craft while talking vehicles... Metallic silver, or a droid factory I wanted ever since I played the LEGO Wars... Vanes and a concealed storage compartment your head! 12 workshop participants his Master captured Anakin travels to with! I never understood lego coleman kcaj small of released sets that represent Episode 2 subject matter though... ) figures... 'D like those Clone Wars but yes please on those articles assemble the droids one I 'm surprised! Any of these sets, particularly an Arena set or the equally useless Coleman Kcaj Kcaj took part in range. Been some great articles so far - the prequel Trilogy feels like a long time ago now 3 even! Something about it lego coleman kcaj the angles, the coloring butchers younglings soon after but. Wait wo n't be for much longer fighter escort pilot the Vurk Trebor... Others ) and it is and make some $ 20/£15 battle packs Phase... Truth became public knew some sort as she is disguised as a escort... And protect himself as better as possible in the style of the first two sets would work! Offer ; my Account ; Search offer ; Add offer ; Add offer ; Add offer Add. Sw films save the heroes before molten metal is released on top of them pouvez.. Missing '' from the same year ( TCW Season six ), has! To double the size of the first two sets would not be amongst... From it, with plenty of rooms and minifigures a young boy that was poorly received by.!

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